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Published on August 14th, 2011 | by Trey


Alex Grey Reimagines Human Anatomy in Atlanta

Visionary artist Alex Grey is set to host a weekend-long event in Atlanta, showcasing his mind altering artistic expression while also providing a cavalcade of similar artists and performers. The psychotropic work of Alex Grey is best described as attempting to stumble through the Bodies Exhibit on unholy amounts of LSD. This two-day event encompasses captivating artwork, aw-inspiring performance art and featured music from around the world. The Grey family promises to provide a much more interactive experience than your typical meet and greet book tour by combining their own artwork with live performances and music that mold together to give even the most spaced out hippy a spiritual erection.

Alex Grey is a transcendental artist who expresses human spirituality through the innately universal components of human biology. From an early age, he was fascinated with the journey of life and the inevitable transitions from birth to death. This focused attention on life’s ability to give and take is conveyed all of his paintings. In addition, Alex places heavy emphasis on human anatomy, inspired by the knowledge he gained from Harvard Medical School. The paintings are so intricate and geometrically concentrated that at first glance, they appear to be digitally created works. It is not until you look closely, you can see the endless miniscule brush strokes. These combine to produce the works of art that are as technically impressive as they are emotionally inspiring. Themes from his work range from birth to death, and the endless human expressions found in between. His work is always very colorful and his use of lines and contour create a flow in the painting that allows the viewer to fall endlessly into the depths of these very human expressions. In addition to paintings, the Grey family contributes live performance art, sculptures, visionary art and process art. Additionally, they are involved with multiple art organizations such as; The Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, he sits on the chair for Wisdom University’s Sacred Art Department. Alex and Allyson are the co-founders of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a non-profit organization in New York City that supports the visionary arts culture.


The event in Atlanta will be held October 14-15 at various venues depending on the nature of the appearance. Events will feature live paintings, performance art, fire breathers, laser light show, book signings, lectures, and non-stop music. There will also be artwork on sale and the ability to see new and upcoming work from this prolific artist.


The line-up is:


Friday, October 14th: Art Lecture & Book Signing

-     Q & A

-          Music and DJ’s

-          Laser Light Show


Admission: $25


Where: Matilda’s, 377 S. Main St., Alpharetta, GA 30004



Saturday October 15th: Visionary Art Party

-          Art Gallery

-          Laser Light Show

-          Alex and Allyson live painting

-          DJ’s

-          3 Stages

-          Aerialists

-          Fire Performances


Admission: $50 for Tier 1 Pass. Prices will increase as the show draws near! Purchase tickets ASAP!


Where: Blue Tower Gallery, 675 Metropolitan Pkwy #1113, Atlanta, Ga 30310

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